OBM Social Club

Who we are: OBM Social Club is an business organisation, based on recommendation of which main goal is to support their members in business relationships and to develop the promotion through recommendation approach. 

Unlike the other networks, OBM Social Club offers to their members a professional structure and a solid grooming system, in doing so the members will create business relationships, in a structured manner and in the same time they will improve their abilities of marketing through recommendations. 

Vision: Creation of a strong non profit organisation, in which the member generates important business that challenge them into a continuous growing of their business 

Mission: Helping our members in an individual and collective type to achieve their business objectives by assuring the proper environment, conditions and training to improve their abilities for “Building Business Relationships”.

  1. The meetings will take place on a predefined place and date and will not be over 90 minutes. For the beginning the meetings will take place on every Wednesday from 1900 to 2030 at Trattoria Verdi.  
  2. Mandatory presence is 75% per year.
  3. The attendees can become members only after 5 consecutive attends and only after they are accepted by the founding members (Adrian Mitirita, George Frusinoiu and Razvan Nechifor)  
  4. The participation fee will be 50 RON for every meeting and will cover the rent for the location and the catering.
  5. The attendees should be complementary from the professional point of view
  6. The attendees should bring minimum 2 guests per month, guests that will present their business to the members
  7. The dress code is business casual
  8. The will be a ranking of the references given by each member, and at the end of the year, the members that didn’t granted at least 5 references to each other member will be automatically eliminated from the organisation.
  9. The maximum number of members will be 15 in the first year.
  10. Each member will present weekly, by turns, a business subject related to a general interest (time management, project management, conflict management, etc.)
  11. Each meeting will start with a maximum 3 minutes presentation of each business and what are  short term plans to be followed.
  12. The member that is on duty will present the week theme in maximum 20 minutes (including q&a)
  13. Each meeting will have the last 20 minutes reserved to individual discussions, 1 to 1, between members 
  14. No alcohol will be served at the meetings
  15. The attendance is accepted at maximum 19:00 hour. After this hour the meeting is considered started and no one is accepted anymore to attend.