Debt Collection B2C

Debt collection from individuals (B2C)

Carrying out procedures to follow due and unpaid bills collection value of the debtors

The process involves two steps:

Collecting debts amicably

  • Procedure is limited to:
    • Settlement and negotiation
      • Send notices
      • Send SMS
      • Telephone contact campaigns
    • Mediation for recovery and settlement of each flow
  • Skip tracing to identify the identity of borrowers (finding new addresses and phone numbers)
  • Street collection – visiting debtors addresses where they live
  • Pre-judicial settlement (outside court)
  • Duration 3 months
  • “No Collection – No Fee” – Payment is made only in case of success

Debt collection by LEGAL PROCEDURES

  • Appended to the enforceability of credit agreements
  • Enforcement debtor via the network bailiffs
  • Actions under the law of bankruptcy and judicial reorganization 86/2006
  • Obtaining final court decision by summons payment / payment orders.

8 reasons to use debt collection services from individuals OBM

  • Collecting debts in the short term, no direct costs
  • Control and monitoring procedures for collecting
  • Affordable prices confined to fee collection
  • Rapid and effective decisions on the procedures used to collect debts. Take advantage of customized reports, submitted on a regular basis (daily, weekly and monthly) on the status of your portfolio, obtain additional information about borrowers who can help you make quick and efficient decisions.
  • Our experience of 10 years in Romania in the service and a comprehensive database with registered cases of collection from sectors: banking, telecom, leasing, IFN, insurance and utilities.
  • Our access to a network executive and judicial liquidators, can obtain the best prices for our customers and faster service and quality.
  • Automatic dialing system performance of debtors – predictive dialing and call-codes approach to debtors.
  • Registration of Street Collection service in collection work-flow.