Debt Collection B2B

Debt collection from companies (B2B)

Carrying out procedures to follow due and unpaid bills collection value of the debtor.

The process involves two steps:

Collecting debts amicably

  • Procedure is limited to:
    • Settlement and negotiation
    • Mediation for recovery and settlement of each flow
  • Pre-judicial settlement (outside court)
  • Commercial approach fiecaui case
  • Duration 3 months
  • International Debt Recovery
  • “0 collection-No fee” – the payment is made only in case of success (for domestic cases)

Debt collection by LEGAL PROCEDURES

  • Appended to the enforceability of promissory notes and checks
  • Enforcement debtor via the network bailiffs
  • Actions under the law 86/2006 of bankruptcy and judicial reorganization
  • Court action to CCJ
  • Ordinary commercial legal action for recovery of commercial debts
  • Criminal complaints for economic crimes

What are your benefits?
When you are outsourcing time uncollected receivables to OBM:

  • We will increase liquidity and improve cash flow.
  • We recover debts that you consider to be lost.
  • We ensure high recovery of viable claims.
  • You save time, human and financial resources and thus can focus the activities of growth and business development.
  • We offer various ways available to resolve / recover the debt amicably by collateral, and taking compensation claims in debt account.